Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Google IG now features theme

For those of you who use the personalized Google homepage (, you may have recently noticed a new feature:

The possibility to change the appearance of the page, it’s called “select a theme” and you can find it near the “add stuff” link. Previous solution was already available to modify the appearance of this page but they weren't always that functional. Some needed User script to be hosted by the browser; others messed up the page more than they customized it.

While this new feature is not a mandatory feature for a good homepage, I liked to have the opportunity anyway. Moreover the available themes change with your local weather, nice indeed. Here is a composite of the different picture I have had today.

There are 6 themes to start with, but I am sure Google will provide us with new one or allow users to create new one.

I noticed this new feature this morning, some may not have access to it yet (so said a friend of mine) I guess you will just have to be patient.

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Anonymous said...

Neat ! I reallt those bastard are Google they start to be too good ;)