Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wiki, meet MSDN. Hurrah for the MSDN Community Content

Most of you probably know the Microsoft MSDN, and if you’ve ever programmed for the Windows platform you have most probably used the library. It provides information on Microsoft Products (COM, MFC, .Net …) as well as more general knowledge (programming practices, networking, multi-threading …).

I definitely like this library; however some articles are poorly documented or feature no or few examples. Until now you had no choice but to go take a look on other websites for those examples you desperately need.

This time may have come to an end with the new Microsoft step toward the social web: MSDN Community Content or MSDNWiki. As of now anyone can add content to the MSDN library. However don’t get fooled by the name, it’s not a Wiki, you can’t add article, remove others contributions, you have to login with a live ID… it’s just a way for developers to share their knowledge inline.

If you want to try, just look for the “Add new Community Content” at the top and bottom of each page.

More information on the MSDN page about MSDNWiki

EDIT (12/21/2006) :
MSDN is a powerfull tool, when you can acces it. Here is what I can see of MSDN today : :

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