Friday, December 15, 2006

Java meets Vista

Here it is finally, the new Java Standard Edition 6. According to Sun this version brings a lot of new or enhanced features. One may think of the enhanced Web Services and AWT/Swing (I plan to take a look at those two).

However some features are not only intended for developers, support for Windows Vista is such a feature.

Yes, you may finally run java (application or applet) on your Windows vista without getting upset at the “The color scheme has been changed to Windows Vista Basic” stuff. Hurrah for Java under Aero Glass.

Well, I am still waiting for some other applications to become fully Vista compliant (thinking of the Zen Creative Suite right now) but that’s a huge step forwards considering the number of java Web Sites and Applications out there.

You will find this new release

PS : Only Java Standard Edition (JSE) is available in version 6, Java Micro edition (JME) and Java Enterprise Edition(JEE) 6.0 has not yet been released.

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